04 Oct

How leaders can bridge the empathy gap in a crisis

Eric J. McNulty, in this very insightful article, touches upon how the leaders and their teams traditionally function with an “US vs THEM” stance even in the best of times. In testing times, all the Darwinian instincts are out, with an insecure majority of leaders, trying to “survive” and this accentuates this crisis further.

Putting yourself where the other stands is necessary. However, as in Trina Paulus’ “Hope for the flowers”, like the caterpillar on stomping on peers to rise to the top finds, you cannot sacrifice one whose face you have seen, and who trusts you as his leader.

The problem, therefore, acute as it is, might now be resolvable anytime soon, until the crop of new leaders who thrive on uncertainly and mobility come in – for they are least likely to wish to cling on to anything for posterity!

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