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Jyoti Narain

“The business environment today is transforming at a never-before giddying pace leaving people and organizations gasping and challenged in upgrading and adapting to the changed environment. In order that they may not only maintain a leadership position, but also continue to thrive in the changing world, the need to focus on niche areas to specialize is now mandatory for both professionals and companies. This poses a new challenge on both the business acquisition fronts as well as the fulfillment side, for companies who do not have either large operations or deep pockets. Limited resources and fast paced changes have necessitated the need to look towards collaboration and partnering rather than to build in house competence and capability to deliver. The new norm for business success is the ability to plan for the whole and source all the relevant pieces, both from within as well as outside the company, to form a compelling value proposition. Given that expertise and experience is available, trust is an essential and fundamental factor. Thus, a need for an integrator and aggregator who can connect all the dots, and build a seamless and composite solution.”

Astute professional combining vision with business acumen - Expert in starting and establishing new businesses from scratch, as well as transforming and turning around businesses. Jyoti is a certified Life Coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, and a positive motivator for a network of 5 million people.

In Conversation

Q 1. What is the highest pressure situation you faced and how did you handle it?
The challenge of establishing a big manufacturing unit at start of my career was the highest pressure situation, however, taking it as a challenge and establishing a new unit without knowing much about it, I learnt step-wise and established successfully a 100 Crores’ industry. After 35 years of my career I have a record of establishing 23 companies with successful background.

Q 2. What small stuff do you always sweat?
You have to give attention to minutest detail of your goal to accomplish and it had been always a different cause which drew my total attention and I made it a point to master it.

Q 3. From being a critical part of a giant conglomerate, what made you chuck everything to become an entrepreneur?
I have always been a part of big Corporates and have delivered results in every position. However, after 30 years of my career I decided to become independent and run the stream of my choice, whatever the result may be, to attain satisfaction of self creation.

Q 4. In your professional pursuits, what is food for your soul?
My professional vision has also been the happiness of my team, who I worked with and sense of belongingness for any task / goal which I have been given to pursue. The methodical way of action has always given to me the desired result and the satisfaction.

Q 5. What is the one thing that you will never compromise on?
I have never compromised on integrity, whatever the circumstances were, and have never believed in shortcuts to attain my goals of life.

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