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Figure out your place in the market

Before you start making any decisions about your brand, you need to understand the current market: who your potential customers and current competitors are. There are many ways to do this: Google your product or service category and analyze direct and indirect competitors that come up.Check subreddits...

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Business : Key Resources

When I ask entrepreneurs what resources they need, most of them say that they need money, or capital as we call it in business jargon. However, they usually leave out other resources that are sometimes more important than capital. The resources are needed to create value...

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Growth Strategies.

1.Market share—Under this strategy, your company seeks to capture a bigger share of your current market with the products it already has. For example, you can do so by increasing your marketing efforts or adjusting your prices.2.New markets—Another strategy is to find new markets for...

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LEADS MEANS REVENUE. AND REVENUE MEANS PROFIT 1. INVESTING IN NEW TECHNOLOGY New technology sets the trend in the market. For example, smartphones are trending all over the world. Subsequently, most people access their mail or browse websites through smartphones or tablets; this shows that investing in making your marketing efforts...

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Small businesses can expand their operations by pursuing any number of avenues. The most commonplace methods by which small companies increase their business are incremental in character, i.e., increasing product inventory or services rendered without making wholesale changes to facilities or other operational components. But...

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