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Does Custom Software Development Really Cost a Fortune?

In the business world, people often joke about the cost of the software suite that they recently purchased. They also sometimes brag about the latest Oracle software that they implemented for thousands of dollars or maybe the latest SAP ERP update that cost them some percentage of the yearly revenue. Amid all this, we can still see that a small and medium enterprise whose annual turnover equals the salary of Oracle’s CEO is also able to afford a custom software development.

Hence, the question that bugs us all here is simple. Does a custom software development process really cost a fortune? Or is it that the developers charge as per the client’s business?

Let us explore.

Software Systems is a Need – No Denying that Fact

Over the years, the use of computers and software has found its way even in the tiniest and minutest of the tasks that we perform all day. Just look around, you will see countless examples. A single smartphone has replaced so many tools that were a big hit and a billion-dollar industry until a few years ago.

Computers, in the biz world, act as a powerful tool for management and production. Business leaders find them to be a gateway for improved productivity and advanced functionality. Information Technology and its subsidiaries are now a part of almost every single industry – logistics, manufacturing, music, film-making, relationship building, and whatnot.

As a business grows, the list of desired outcomes from a software system also grows. Thus, the implementation of IT tools is largely dependent on the organisation’s ability to invest continuously in machinery and software application. You do not want to be stuck using a Nokia E63 (the year 2008) in the world where Apple has launched the iPhone 11.

Software Systems Are A Way to Realise These Investments

The investment differs depending on the project scope, the future growth, and the need of the business for the system. Only after studying all these requirements, a custom software development company proposes the solution and then the cost of implementation is estimated. The more complex a project is, the larger the scope of the project is, the more modules are needed to manage them without any hiccup in the system. This, in turn, leads to an expensive software suite.

The Secret of SMEs

Small and medium enterprises are able to afford custom software development because it is not equivalent to a NASA space mission. All they need is a system that fits their business and is able to perform all the tasks that they are doing without any synchronisation. Hence, their projects are limited in scope and thus, the cost of the software suite is less, owing to the limited modules used.

A custom software development company like Amity Software which has been in the trade for long understands exactly what the customer wants. Their consultants are quick to decipher business needs. Take a step forward to the best custom software development process with Amity Software.

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