Bharti Sinha

“India, as the fastest growing economy in the world, has emerged as the undisputed Services and Knowledge powerhouse. With the largest and youngest pool of employable workforce in the globe, and with international markets rapidly shrinking, we are witnessing the creation of Global Marketplaces. This is throwing up never-before opportunities for professionals and forward looking businesses. Success in the new world requires a change of mindset to allow for collaboration from thought to action. Enablers in this will be experienced and successful leaders serving as catalysts to help build winning combines.”.

An industry professional well-known for strategic leadership roles, heading businesses as well as industry bodies - with P&L responsibility as well as Policy and Technology evangelism in national and international arenas. She is also a keynote speaker at global events.

In Conversation

Q 1. What is the highest pressure situation you faced and how did you handle it?
The time when, on the one hand I was fighting alongwith my mother to extend the life of my terminally ill father in Delhi, while, at the same time, I was in a new job, setting up, as P&L head, a new business division for new technology in absolutely new geographies. Managing to keep track, remotely, of the rapidly changing medication while grappling with intense travel, solution building, marketing and aggressive sales. While I did on occasion need to burn the candle at both ends, mostly efficient time management and use of information and analytics allowed me to prioritise and stay on top on both personal and professional fronts. One very significant contribution in this period was to move the company up the value chain, scaling up from being a data producer to provider of high end and strategic business critical solutions.

Q 2. What small stuff do you always sweat?
I always thank people, appreciating not only their big contributions, but also the small efforts and value-adds.

Q. 3. What would you define as the recurring theme in your professional career?
Starting new ventures, with brand new technologies, from scratch to grow to scale.

Q 4. Can you describe a leap-of-faith moment that allowed you to create deep impact?
When I joined as head of Association of Geospatial Industries, representing a deeply divided and fragmented industry, and making it a most influential force for policy and technology advocacy, representing industry as a cohesive whole at Government and International forums.

Q 5. What do you believe is the single most important quality that helped you succeed?
My questioning intellect which has pushed me to always ask the stupid questions.

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