Shalini Sethi

“Companies that allow autonomy to their leaders and harness their potential are the ones most likely to create entrepreneurs, who take complete ownership of the business to manage and build profitable futuristic businesses. The same applies to professionals who, to avoid becoming dinosaurs, must imbibe the entrepreneurial spirit, committing to outcomes and excellence, and having the courage to create, recreate and adapt to the dynamic business landscapes”

A serial entrepreneur, having built successful companies in the recruitment space, is also a social entrepreneur, focused on health tech, (to use technology to remove disability), and education, (to provide affordable quality education), for the urban under-privileged.

In Conversation

Q 1. What is the highest pressure situation you faced and how did you handle it?
When I joined ISB as Director – Career Advancement Services (Placement), the mandate was to double international placements, a very tough call to be accomplished in 6 months. I created the positioning of ISB, a lateral business school, in Indian industry to make international offers to the students. Not only did I achieve my targets, but this became a model followed by all business schools subsequently.

Q 2. What small stuff do you always sweat?
Your main strategy comes from seemingly small stuff, and my focus has always been to identify these and create them into strategy leading to higher business goals.

Q 3. What made you leave corporate to continuously start and build new, unique businesses?
I like challenges and to go down untrodden paths. This is evident in all my ventures, for instance creating a global Executive Search firm headquartered out of India, or setting up India’s first IT recruitment portal.

Q 4. Where does your passion lie?
My passion is to create new businesses. This has been the driving force that has continually impelled me to emerging as a serial entrepreneur. This was clear to me even throughout my corporate career where I had to redefine businesses, processes and markets.

Q 5. As a successful woman in a man’s world what would you advise young girls starting out in their careers?
I have always found that being a good professional, you will get all reasonable benefits required for you to fulfil your role as a career person and a woman.

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