25 Jul

Business Startups

Business startups are growing day by day, business start ups and craze for government jobs are in trend in our India but here a question arises Who can do Business what are the qualification in starting a business and maintain it, so here is a real life example of the most riches man on our planet Earth Bill gates

When one plans to start their own business, no one will ask about their education. No one cares about the fact that Bill Gates dropped out of college. He had intuition on how businesses work and he built a few successful ones through some trial and error.

Would bill gates make fewer mistakes if he’d gotten his business degree? Maybe. Would he become a safer player who makes fewer risks? Maybe. It’s a hypothetical situation. What we know is this: Bill gates did not get his degree, and he became a successful entrepreneur.

There is no specific qualification required to start up a business

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