24 Aug

What makes a great leader?


Meet The Leader Talk Series – Remarkable Journeys of Extraordinary Achievers

What makes a great leader?

This is a question made more relevant today when the call is for leaders are those who can instill hope and inspire people to high achievements despite all odds.

A true hallmark of an effective leader is when they effect transformations, innovation and successes through their teams, without compromising on values and processes.

We at Strategists’ World, in a series of conversations, are shedding a light on exceptional leaders and their remarkable achievements from diverse fields and geographies.

Presenting as part of our “Meet The Leader Talk Series – Remarkable Journeys of Extraordinary Achievers” is a leader who has surmounted impossible and at times life-threatening situations to emerge as the dynamic CEO of Open Geospatial Consortium, Washington D.C. – the Beirut-born Dr. Nadine Alameh.

Here is a glimpse of her interview. Watch her complete video very soon.

Please visit our website more interviews will be launching soon.

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