22 Jul

How to generate Leads for our businesses

To get a steady pipeline of clients, you have to invest time into building relationships, networking, and marketing your consultancy. Here are few simple ways to generate more leads to your business.

  1. Referrals : Normally when an agency turns down a prospective client, they’ll refer the client to a new company in their network. That’s where you come in.
  2. Follow up with lost clients : This shows how much you care for your clients follow up is best technique to get the lost clients
  3. Running an ad campaign : Facebook ads and Google Adwords are great ways to advertise your consultancy to prospective clients. Both platforms let you set a small daily budget for those that are cash-strapped. Generating leads consists of finding prospective clients that could benefit from your services, and coming up with a plan to reach them
  4. Answer Quora Question: Find questions on Quora in your industry, and write thoughtful answers. Fill out your profile and link to your website, so people can learn more about you.and most questions are heavily indexed in Google) which brings traffic and visibility to your replies. You can start this strategy by answering 1 question a day, or a few per week. You’ll be amazed at the responses and relationships you’ll build up in the community
  5. Creating business cards : Business cards can be an effective marketing tool, if executed properly.
  6. Have an SEO strategy : Search engine optimization is a great long-term strategy to drive targeted traffic to your company website. You won’t see overnight results with SEO, but with a sound strategy in place, you can drive traffic over time and convert visitors into paying clients.

Without clients, you can’t keep the lights on.

Without clients, you can’t make payroll.

Without clients, you can’t grow.

Clients are the only source to run buisenesses.

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