07 Aug

What a stupendous story that offers hope to the startup


What a stupendous story that offers hope to the startup and the investor community among the last year and a half of darkness, doom and gloom!

I was witness just under 3 years ago when IDG ventures India reinvented themselves to emerge as Chiratae Ventures after having invested $ 0.5 Bn in their 10 year existence. I still remember what seemed a lofty goal as Sudhir Sethi and Tc Meenakshi Sundaram announced they would invest the next $ 0.5 Bn in 5 years! And all of us present, infected by their enthusiasm and confidence also believed. And that was when the times were good and business clime very positive.

To reach within striking distance of the $$ 1.0 Bn mark. With $ 450 Mn already invested, and not even the third year, among the uncertainty and flux these past 18+ months, speaks for the immense determination, foresight, an eye for opportunity and an impossible blend of knowledge and experience in this extraordinary team!

Congratulations Sudhir Sethi TCM Sundaram and the entire Chiratae Ventures (Formerly IDG Ventures India) team. Do we dare hope for $ 1.5 Bn by the time these 5 years are up? Good luck – may you continue to share inspiring achievements and kindle hope in the hearts of the tremulous startup entrepreneurs! đź‘Ź

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