26 Mar

Winning the coveted Elsa Cares Awards 2021

Congratulations Shalini Sethi on winning the coveted Elsa Cares Awards 2021.

This is testimony to your vision to realizing a deafness free country with the “Hear A Million” initiative you have launched through the First Sound program under the aegis of Sethi Foundation!

The world needs such leaders as you, who bring passion and commitment to the much-ignored but an extremely worthy cause.

With the use of technology for the simple objective of removing a disability like deafness, you and Dr. Sunil Narayan Dutt have been transforming the fortunes of little children through the hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Time indeed for not just such recognitions but scaling this conversation to drive policies across states and the nation!

Well done and so so proud of you!

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